Sunday, June 3, 2012

Keep the lines open. Undo the lid.
Jupiter sits in my 9th house in the sign of Gemini.
The sun in my 3rd, Sagittarius.

I’d expected a wind fall here with what the heavens have been reflecting, but I’ve got nothing to show for it. Not an abstract intuition. Not a clear dream.

Its been a day of massive car traffic and dull murky fog that covers my 6th . I continually blow out the foreign energy, but the leak is talking to me.

It says, “ Be wide and aware of what you draw in.”

The tide was out and yet the sand was too mucky to walk through in our cloppity shoes, so we just looked out, miles into the horizon.

Climbing on the drift wood logs in high heels, slipping and then clopping our heels against the rain-washed, sun-dried logs, the three of us looked out into the horizon. There we were, 3.5, 4.5, 5.5 ft., all looking out and wearing the same shade of lipstick.

The leak says, ”Rest. Turn on the music now that you are home.”
Neptune is currently squaring the moon.
Moon passing over my mercury.

Friday, June 1, 2012

Lunar Eclipse

This lunar eclipse in Sadge sits exactly on my sun; therefore it must make note of me! I know more will fall into place as Monday pulls around. But with Mercury and Mars recently squaring off and in play with the Full Moon, the jolting news has already hit. Neptune is about to turn Retrograde. What the hell does that mean? God only knows. Its Neptune!....The dream that once was, loses its fog? or regains the ideal path? Its linked with Chiron in Pisces: the healing, the wounding, the healing, will take you there. Monday’s Full Moon will become a Mutable Grand Cross. I expect to be apart of the collective processing of new information, knowledge and wisdom bytes. ….The digestive tract will need a little extra care as will the nervous system. What soothes you when you are over-stimulated?

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Taurus and the Second Chakra

Venus and Jupiter conjunct today in the sign of Taurus. Yummmm! Loveliness expanded in the sign of physical pleasure, music, nature and beauty. Good things to come. No rush, lots of ease. Lets enjoy it while it lasts!

Ed Cannel and Cheryl Sanderson, , first illustrated to me the signs of the astrological wheel as they co-relate to the chakras. Viewed from this perspective, Taurus links to the second chakra, where we live through our emotions, our sexuality and our gut radar. Taurus, as an earth sign, likes everything in its place. There is order, a method, a ritual.


Close the ears that track the outer world,

Open the ears of the soul.

Engage the muscles at the base of the pelvis,

The intimate special places,

And cherish the vibrating energies thus contained.

The song of creation, the unstruck chord,

Is playing in your heart.

….Listen in.

Meditating on the sound of your own life currents,

Enter the shimmering palace of the Creator.

Lorin Roche, The Radiance Sutras


Linking up the Grand Trine, Mars in Virgo and Pluto in Capricorn, a steady flow of earth elements. Emphasis is on the second chakra with the brisk meeting of Venus and Jupiter in Taurus. Themes that come to mind for today are:

Emotional Integrity .... Financial Accountability .... Forgiveness .... Loving-kindness.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Neptune in Broad Brush Strokes

Neptune in Pisces says, "Your radar has shifted from your electronic community into your deep personal heart space that permeates out into the ether.”

Neptune is often understood to have a spiritual resonance. Yet my friend and fellow astrologer, Ed Cannel, pointed out that there is nothing actually “spiritual” about Neptune. Within its glyph the symbol of spirit, the circle, is absent. The upward crescent of Neptune symbolizes receptivity, perceptiveness and contact with new realities. The energy of Neptune is towards the superconscious and its ability to link it with material realities. What separates Neptune from pure Spirit is the human quality of creating the “ideal” and the human trait of creating of myths and heroes. Herein lays the possibility for fantasy, illusion, deception coupled with the highest possible expressions of the human heart: compassion, charity and kindness.

Neptune in Pisces will trine the Neptune in Scorpio (1955-70) crowd over the next 15 years. The massive flow of energy will re-awaken the era that heralded huge shifts in the roles of men and women. What the energy of Scorpio did between Neptune in Libra and Neptune in Sagittarius was to deeply stir-up the bottom of relationships!

From the mid 50’s onwards Neptune in Scorpio set the earth quaking with music filtering sexuality.

Fevered change rumbled into the 60’s, sexuality openly displayed by the youth culture--abundant thanks to Pluto/Uranus opposing Saturn for the crisis and the crossroads.

Come 1970, Neptune was done grinding through karmic ties and began lifting to the intellectual highs of Sagittarius. Folks must have felt some relief--yet Uranus and soon later Pluto, were just beginning to bust through the relationship garden of Libra. Partnership rules were yet to undergo further re-modelling. Pluto through Libra spawned the intense desire and need for life-long relationships, simultaneously dividing ruthlessly contracts that were not deeply balanced within. The root awareness: sexual contests and gender roles between men and women again and again and again. Divorce rates proliferated into society and became an option from there on in. The male/female game really took a beating. …

I was a kid in the 70’s and watched with shock many families around us begin to break apart. It was frightening as well as awakening, a snatching of innocence. With Uranus and Pluto making tracks through Libra, that cardinal point, what broke apart in relationships - broke apart the individual - from the family setting and extended out to the societal expectations. Explosion! The illusion that the status quo was solid and immovable cracked and as if for the first time, there was room to step outside. As kids we were all wondering if the threat would break up our own homes, if it hadn’t already. I remember watching my mother watching Gloria Steinem on TV and sensing the electricity of new ideas. Change! I remember the novel The Women’s Room by Marilyn French sitting beside her purse. I remember her vacuuming to the voice of Helen Redding singing I am Woman. My mother has 5 planets lined up in Libra, including Neptune at 0 degrees.

The Neptune in Libra era does feel like a time so far away from my own. I don’t have the same triggers as they do, nor the same hopes or fears. My only scope of this time is through cinematic history and music, appropriately Neptune's rulerships. 1942-1955, the energy of Surrender, Idealization, Romantic Mist poured through Libra. This is the Base Ball DIAMOND of relationships. “Who’s on 1st? … Got a man on 2nd?” Competition was blurred by the fairness of the rules and the attractiveness of the uniforms: a game played between REAL Men and REAL Women. Their instructions were given through the movies and television of how to portray and perceive self and other. Semiotics, as a deconstructive device, was still yet unavailable to most average viewers. The masses were simply hypnotized. Whatever pieces of the game didn't fit were to be denied or avoided. If it hurt, then it hurt badly and playing the role of the victim heightened the score. How else would the saviour make the stage?

The underside to the overt game playing was the brutal sadness at the loss of authentic self for the sake of the relationship. The sacrifice of self for the prize of social acceptance, meant a huge amount of medicated depression was going on behind closed doors. Edith Piaf and Marilyn Monroe come to mind. Their pain, personal and projected, meant that they wore what others could not afford for themselves. Yet the veil of forgetting, nor the glamour, sadly could not protect these two women from their own suffering.

Alcohol (the spirits) and cigarettes (The fog) were trusted screens of the 40’s and 50’s. Note the television series Mad Men, ironically depicting male and females roles during this era. Neptune rules madness as well as advertising. Today we can watch this series in present time reading the through layers of meaning, entertaining all the more because the glamour still seduces us!

--Funny thing, when I see Trannies today, dress-up as glamour stars from the past, I get how constructed the ideal female was back then. So much so, that a handful of gay men with real enthusiasm for that kind of beauty, can pull off the look with more ease and grace than most of women of that era ever could.

Transition to Neptune in Scorpio: intensity, vice, seduction, vivid colors, aliveness, free-flowing sexuality, a heightening of all senses, a lack of inhibition. While each one of these qualities has something to teach us, leaving them to chance experience or to be channelled through illicit drugs, is likely to leak this potent energy and to weaken what we are capable of becomingThe doors of perception are no longer unlocked through drugs. In fact drugs are now obsolete. While the music and movie industries may never become totally ``clean``, awareness is there. We are clearer on the pain that leads to drug addiction.

Neptune in Pisces: innocence, universal love, music streaming, heart spaces-uniting with divine wisdom.

The flow of Neptune between Scorpio and Pisces is oceanic. The generation that waved the flag: Sex, Drugs and Rock & Roll, will be sensing their feelings, still waving what runs deeply and flows over. Waters in Pisces lift to meet the sky --and breathe a little easier--taking their own course, through timeless music beyond what can be seen.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pisces New Moon - Vision Questing

We sense that there are much greater designs shifting behind the scenes than we can imagine. Backstage we have access to change the programming of our lives, see the limits and restrictions of Saturn’s rings. - He is sleeping, by the way. So give yourself permission to rehearse and reform before he awakens to run final tests through all things Libra.

The Time is Pisces: Open, Ultimate, Divine Consciousness. Each wave receives you. Each wave separates you and identifies you as being one belonging to All. Love is a Uni-Verse. Indelible memories from lives you lived aeons ago rise to the surface for their wisdom to be traced.

Vision Questing. Venus in Aires. The eyes of the huntress.

Whatever is not Love must leave. A time for Healing into the Uni-Verse. Pisces brings the gift of riding the wave, merging with the music, extra-ordinary states of awareness. How sensitive the Body is…. How sensitive the Body is…. Neptune-Chiron-Sun-Mercury-Moon, a whole tribe. The huntress ventures out alone for the wellness of the tribe.

Venus’ absence is truly missed in Pisces where she is exalted, where her praise is elevated not because she is the fairest of them all, but because she has the ability to dethrone herself and put another in the center of her world. Compassion. Yet, that is not the role Venus plays now in Aries. Today her enchanting energy is sent in chivalrous enterprises, initiating competitions for love, being brave, bold and seen. She asks, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, how can you protect me from my own Fall?”- Once we have gotten rid of the ego, we are ready to see the Divine. Venus in Aries with her cunning eyes is being led home through experience. Making her way back home. Questing towards Pisces. An Adventurous Journey.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Moon in Capricorn

All day long today, the moon is in Capricorn. Its my favourite moon time, even though it is so called debilitated. Capricorn rests or doesn't rest in my 4th house. Mars awaits armed and stoically poised ready to take action directly on the IC of my chart.

My meditation teacher asked me last night if I could see how low my RPMs were running. Yes, like refrigerated syrup. I'd have to say, its part of the hiding game my Mars plays. “Play it safe; stay within the limits. Take pride in what you hide” -- I need not make this a confessional, but the moon is passing through the deepest part of my psyche and with Mars anchored at the base of the mid-line, he is thirsty for action…

...working on those RPMs…..

I can hear my teacher say, “ Effortlessly ”

Transiting Pluto coils close. Mars desires to form a competitive league of agents to spread across the world and scour out the ineffective debris of society.

I can hear my teacher say, “Notice the fantasy energy.”


“Now, see if you can have any kind of Amusement. Any kind at all!”, …. always makes me chuckle.

I love my teacher. Capricorn is home to my Venus where she nests the 4th house as well.

Sunday, January 29, 2012



The element earth is the fifth of the five pancha mahabhutus. It comes fifth because it has evolved from the previous four elements: water, fire, air and ether.

The elements are as simple as a child's toy stacking cups: five different colors of cups, five graded sizes that fit into each other, so simple yet so profound and subtle in their metaphor.

Now if you turn the cups upside down and build a pyramid from the ground up, ether would represent the final cup, the first element. All the elements are born of ether and contained within earth.

Ether provides space for earth to exist ... Air provides earth with subtle propulsions at the sub-atomic level ... Fire is an expression of latent energy, bound by chemical bonds that hold the earth structure together ... Water acts as the bridge between gaseous matter (ether, air, fire water) and solid earth. As the process of densification narrows down, matter becomes solid, forming earth, the human body and the structure of the universe.

- Earth Magic - Earth Religions - The Worship of Mother Earth - As Above, So Below - All is contained Within -

The sense associated with earth is smell. Through the nose we take in the scents of consumption and elimination. These impressions enter the mind, body and consciousness deeply, affecting us physically and emotionally. Through the sense of smell the basic organic drives of attraction and repulsion operate and cannot be ignored.

The rectum is the organ of action. Through consumption and defecation the earth element is balanced.

Earth acts as an emotional container when we are feeling ungrounded, insecure, insignificant or vulnerable. Hence, the desire to consume comfort foods when we are feeling lost or unloved. (The safest place on earth being the heart centre, where we nestle and nurse our babies.) The danger is in going too far and being consumed by consumption itself (Mother), or an entire cycle of consumption and elimination in a struggle to regain balance. The entire body is dependent upon the earth element for its health and well-being.  

A person with a deficiency of earth is unable to stand up against the challenges of the world and is easily pushed aside by stronger forces. A person of substance has the quality of earth.

Excerpts taken from
Dr. Marc Halpern
Light on Ayurveda Journal.