Sunday, January 29, 2012



The element earth is the fifth of the five pancha mahabhutus. It comes fifth because it has evolved from the previous four elements: water, fire, air and ether.

The elements are as simple as a child's toy stacking cups: five different colors of cups, five graded sizes that fit into each other, so simple yet so profound and subtle in their metaphor.

Now if you turn the cups upside down and build a pyramid from the ground up, ether would represent the final cup, the first element. All the elements are born of ether and contained within earth.

Ether provides space for earth to exist ... Air provides earth with subtle propulsions at the sub-atomic level ... Fire is an expression of latent energy, bound by chemical bonds that hold the earth structure together ... Water acts as the bridge between gaseous matter (ether, air, fire water) and solid earth. As the process of densification narrows down, matter becomes solid, forming earth, the human body and the structure of the universe.

- Earth Magic - Earth Religions - The Worship of Mother Earth - As Above, So Below - All is contained Within -

The sense associated with earth is smell. Through the nose we take in the scents of consumption and elimination. These impressions enter the mind, body and consciousness deeply, affecting us physically and emotionally. Through the sense of smell the basic organic drives of attraction and repulsion operate and cannot be ignored.

The rectum is the organ of action. Through consumption and defecation the earth element is balanced.

Earth acts as an emotional container when we are feeling ungrounded, insecure, insignificant or vulnerable. Hence, the desire to consume comfort foods when we are feeling lost or unloved. (The safest place on earth being the heart centre, where we nestle and nurse our babies.) The danger is in going too far and being consumed by consumption itself (Mother), or an entire cycle of consumption and elimination in a struggle to regain balance. The entire body is dependent upon the earth element for its health and well-being.  

A person with a deficiency of earth is unable to stand up against the challenges of the world and is easily pushed aside by stronger forces. A person of substance has the quality of earth.

Excerpts taken from
Dr. Marc Halpern
Light on Ayurveda Journal.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The element water is the fourth of five great elements, pancha mahabhutus.
  Water evolves from ether, air and fire, containing each of them within it.

Ether provides water the space to exist within. Air gives water the ability to flow and move. The relationship between fire and water is more esoteric. Air provides the friction that generates the heat of fire. Fire's movement is fluidic and flowing. As each element evolves from one element to the next, nature becomes denser. As fire becomes denser, it cools and takes up more form. This form is water.

  The water element is associated with the second chakra, wherein emotions reside. The tongue is the sense organ of water. Without moisture, the tongue cannot taste foods. Without our emotions, we cannot taste our lives. The second chakra is also where the waters of sexuality flow and one's inner claire-sentience or radar. The uncontained extra-cellular fluid that moves in unpredictable waves throughout the entire body, reflects the ocean world in which primitive life began.

The urethra is the organ of action associated with the water element. Through the male urethra, highly potent reproductive fluid is expelled. Through both the male and female urethras exess water is released through urine. Urine has been used theraputically, both internally and externally, for centuries. Within urine, salts, hormones and vitamins are efficiently re-absorbed into the body aiding in purification, healing and toning.

Water is the protector of the body. It provides the body with its most basic nourishment. The water element soothes all pain and inflammation in the body.

excerpts taken from:
Author : Dr. Marc Halpern
Light on Ayurveda Journal

Saturday, January 21, 2012


The element fire, is the third of the five (pancha) great (maha) elements (bhutus).

Evolved through ether and air, it contains the essence of both these elements. Ether provides fire the space to exist within and air gives fire the capacity to burn.

It is because of air that fire will never be still.

Providing heat and light fire is the generator of energy in the body and is associated with the 3rd chakra, manipura.

Fire is the process of liberating energy from its source.

 Fire is connected to the visual sense, providing light for perception. The strength and intensity of one's vision is the function of fire.

"I see!"

 The feet are the organs of action associated with fire. We can react quickly through the feet to dangerous fire or walk towards friendly fire. The choice of direction and the insensity of action are both functions of the fire element.

 Care must be taken, if a person become too focused, intense and self-expanded. The antidote being the element earth as a container for the fire and not the source of fuel.

With earth as its container, patience and reliability operate to ensure that pure inspiration does not eventually burn the souce of its own vision.

Excerpts from:
Published: Light on Ayurvedai Journal
Author: Dr. Marc Halpern

Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The element air, is second of the five elements (pancha mahabuthus). It comes second because it evolves from ether, space. As the potential possibilities become active within space, the result is air.

The sense of touch and air are in separable. Air is associated with the 4th chakra, Anahata.

The skin is considered the associated sense organ of the element air as the hands are considered the organ of action, reaching out to touch and create the world around us.

"I was so touched!"

Astrologically, air is the element of commincation. We communicate far more through our hearts, what we radiate through our being and our gestures, than we do through words.  

Heathly air is maintained through steady routines.

Emotionally, surrender leads to the highest manifestation of air or motion, and this requires faith. Faith in both self and the divine.

Excerpts taken from:
Author: Dr. Marc Halpern

Published: Light on Ayurveda Journal

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

The Elements

Ether. Space. It is the space filled by the other elements: Air, Fire Water, Earth.

I am someone who really needs her space.

We create healthy ether or vata dosha by filling the emptiness in our lives. Our lives become full, not by being busy, but by being nourished physically and emotionally. Proper nourishment and regular routines act as a container for ether and the vata dosha.

Ether is said to be the vibration of primordial sound, or unmanifested sound. Within the chakra system, ether is associated with the 5th chakra, Vishuddha. Sound and ether are inseparable. Because of their intimate relationship, the ear is considered the associated sense organ and voice (mouth) its organ of action.

Ether has no boundaries nor does music. Music is a language that connects us all.

Excerpts taken from:

Author: Dr. Marc Halpern
Published: Light on Ayurveda Journal