Saturday, August 21, 2010

Jail Cell Yoga. 5 min. Warm-up.


Yoga off the Mat

Choosing Freedom

The recent astro-weather out there has been more than intense.

The Cardinal T-square that has been with us for three weeks now has tightened our awareness of crucial aspects.

My deepest personal conditioning and the suffering it has generated has been in nearly every breath I take. Holding my breath keeps me trapped in past conditioning. Staying present to "the suffering it has generated" has been the only way to find clarity. Though the decision to descend out of prior pictures relieves me from wearing masks, it doesn’t allow me to stay in control, nor understand what is happening. Times are changing, and despite the inconvenience of having to take responsibility for my creations, I celebrate my determination to no longer stay small or in a box. I can neither determine the pace nor outcome to this experience.

Jail Cell Yoga: First Glimpse

Zoom Upper Right.
Tracy Hetherington, Tricia Keith.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Asana is a window that opens onto some of our deepest personal conditioning and the suffering it generates. In order to relax into things as they actually are, one must surrender every last drop of the internalized desire to feel good. That desire is shaped by our most cherished ideas about what constitutes good and bad, as well as by ingrained, organic perceptions of pain, pleasure, neutrality. Relaxing effort means letting go of limiting internal definitions. Simply put, in asana one must do less to be more.

The Yoga-Sutra of Patanjali
A New Translation with Commentary by
Chip Hartranft