Friday, February 17, 2012

Moon in Capricorn

All day long today, the moon is in Capricorn. Its my favourite moon time, even though it is so called debilitated. Capricorn rests or doesn't rest in my 4th house. Mars awaits armed and stoically poised ready to take action directly on the IC of my chart.

My meditation teacher asked me last night if I could see how low my RPMs were running. Yes, like refrigerated syrup. I'd have to say, its part of the hiding game my Mars plays. “Play it safe; stay within the limits. Take pride in what you hide” -- I need not make this a confessional, but the moon is passing through the deepest part of my psyche and with Mars anchored at the base of the mid-line, he is thirsty for action…

...working on those RPMs…..

I can hear my teacher say, “ Effortlessly ”

Transiting Pluto coils close. Mars desires to form a competitive league of agents to spread across the world and scour out the ineffective debris of society.

I can hear my teacher say, “Notice the fantasy energy.”


“Now, see if you can have any kind of Amusement. Any kind at all!”, …. always makes me chuckle.

I love my teacher. Capricorn is home to my Venus where she nests the 4th house as well.

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  1. Thanks Hon. I pray you have love and peace for the next 12 hours. i had a lot of fun reading this.
    how are those rpm's?