Sunday, February 19, 2012

Pisces New Moon - Vision Questing

We sense that there are much greater designs shifting behind the scenes than we can imagine. Backstage we have access to change the programming of our lives, see the limits and restrictions of Saturn’s rings. - He is sleeping, by the way. So give yourself permission to rehearse and reform before he awakens to run final tests through all things Libra.

The Time is Pisces: Open, Ultimate, Divine Consciousness. Each wave receives you. Each wave separates you and identifies you as being one belonging to All. Love is a Uni-Verse. Indelible memories from lives you lived aeons ago rise to the surface for their wisdom to be traced.

Vision Questing. Venus in Aires. The eyes of the huntress.

Whatever is not Love must leave. A time for Healing into the Uni-Verse. Pisces brings the gift of riding the wave, merging with the music, extra-ordinary states of awareness. How sensitive the Body is…. How sensitive the Body is…. Neptune-Chiron-Sun-Mercury-Moon, a whole tribe. The huntress ventures out alone for the wellness of the tribe.

Venus’ absence is truly missed in Pisces where she is exalted, where her praise is elevated not because she is the fairest of them all, but because she has the ability to dethrone herself and put another in the center of her world. Compassion. Yet, that is not the role Venus plays now in Aries. Today her enchanting energy is sent in chivalrous enterprises, initiating competitions for love, being brave, bold and seen. She asks, “Mirror Mirror on the wall, how can you protect me from my own Fall?”- Once we have gotten rid of the ego, we are ready to see the Divine. Venus in Aries with her cunning eyes is being led home through experience. Making her way back home. Questing towards Pisces. An Adventurous Journey.

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