Tuesday, January 24, 2012


The element water is the fourth of five great elements, pancha mahabhutus.
  Water evolves from ether, air and fire, containing each of them within it.

Ether provides water the space to exist within. Air gives water the ability to flow and move. The relationship between fire and water is more esoteric. Air provides the friction that generates the heat of fire. Fire's movement is fluidic and flowing. As each element evolves from one element to the next, nature becomes denser. As fire becomes denser, it cools and takes up more form. This form is water.

  The water element is associated with the second chakra, wherein emotions reside. The tongue is the sense organ of water. Without moisture, the tongue cannot taste foods. Without our emotions, we cannot taste our lives. The second chakra is also where the waters of sexuality flow and one's inner claire-sentience or radar. The uncontained extra-cellular fluid that moves in unpredictable waves throughout the entire body, reflects the ocean world in which primitive life began.

The urethra is the organ of action associated with the water element. Through the male urethra, highly potent reproductive fluid is expelled. Through both the male and female urethras exess water is released through urine. Urine has been used theraputically, both internally and externally, for centuries. Within urine, salts, hormones and vitamins are efficiently re-absorbed into the body aiding in purification, healing and toning.

Water is the protector of the body. It provides the body with its most basic nourishment. The water element soothes all pain and inflammation in the body.

excerpts taken from:
Author : Dr. Marc Halpern
Light on Ayurveda Journal


  1. I love these writings on the elements.
    Thank you - and look forward to earth

  2. Hello Diastella,


    Thank-you for your message.

    I'm definitely going to continue on the five elements. After laying down earth, I plan to write meditations, which I find absolutely blissful.