Wednesday, January 18, 2012


The element air, is second of the five elements (pancha mahabuthus). It comes second because it evolves from ether, space. As the potential possibilities become active within space, the result is air.

The sense of touch and air are in separable. Air is associated with the 4th chakra, Anahata.

The skin is considered the associated sense organ of the element air as the hands are considered the organ of action, reaching out to touch and create the world around us.

"I was so touched!"

Astrologically, air is the element of commincation. We communicate far more through our hearts, what we radiate through our being and our gestures, than we do through words.  

Heathly air is maintained through steady routines.

Emotionally, surrender leads to the highest manifestation of air or motion, and this requires faith. Faith in both self and the divine.

Excerpts taken from:
Author: Dr. Marc Halpern

Published: Light on Ayurveda Journal

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