Tuesday, July 13, 2010

the Sun + your Spine

The most important line in hatha yoga practice is the spine. Astrologically, the spine relates to Leo and is ruled by the Sun. The spine represents our will; hence, “the spineless bastard” is a weak-willed individual. The Sun being our brightest Luminary, requires that we feed the needs of the Sun sign and it’s placement, in order to feel vibrant and alive. One’s biological age can be denied by the condition of the spine. How can you determine your age? Youthful is supple, open to new experiences, playful and flexible; aged is ridged, concave, narrow-focused and broken-hearted. Leo also rules the heart. Notice where the eye of your heart is pointing right now, and diagnose the present condition of your spine.... How best can you serve the needs of your Sun sign and it’s placement, today?                                                                              
Yogini: Tricia Keith

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