Thursday, July 7, 2011

Time Will Tell

Hatha Yoga + a dose of Astrology.

Becoming your own authority takes time. Anyone with a lot of Capricorn in their natal chart or a Sun/Saturn theme will tell that during their childhood, they never really felt like they matched up to “The Standards”.  Early life was not a time for coasting along or being buoyed by the flowing stream of it all.
           “Row, Row, Row, your Boat, …Gently down a stream, …”

             Take a Deep Inhale, ‘cause you are going Under!

How many times have you been instructed to take a Deep Inhale in your yoga class? How may classes have you taken? So how many Deep Inhales is that?

To be born as a potential individual person is to breath. It is for this reason that the yogi who aspires to merge his individuality with the universal Whole practices pranayama—literally death(control) of breath. He wilfully disindividualizes and depersonalizes his total being, or at least his consciousness. Dane Rudhyar

Saturn is Time as well as Fear, Limits, Restrictions and ultimately Karma. Karma: The consequence of an action is really not a separate thing. It is a part of the action and cannot be divided from it.

Saturn is what you are here to learn, appreciate and master over time. None of it is instant, easy or given freely. Even if it involves talent, which of course it does, the Mastery is latent because there are layers to be removed. The Rings of Saturn are rewards earned over time and likewise, are the rewards of yoga.

The first level of Saturn is the task master, the boss, that keeps you working overtime. There are those who are their own bosses and work themselves overtime. Yet internalizing the “The Standards” that keep one doing and doing is not Self-Mastery. The second level of Saturn is Self-Authority that lives within the Being.

What will Time tell you about your Yoga practice?- Quite simply, the depth of your breath and not how perfectly you can touch your toes. Breath is connected to consciousness. Consciousness is where we experience ourselves connected to Spirit as Spiritual Beings. The poses are a map work for the prana-breath to flow within. Consciousness is the saddle the rider harnesses him/herself into. Prana-breath is the horse. The nadis are the roads of each pose and the terrain is the landscape within. Its a practice of riding breath, contained within the consciousness of Spirit.

The extent that the body is able to move into a backbend or a forward fold is inconsequential. Saturn’s rightful place in the birthchart is the 10th house at the top of the wheel. It is the castle of achievement at the top of the mountain. Whether the practitioner is bending one inch or ten, makes no difference. Does the rider stop riding once the castle has been reached? For those who yearn only for the applause of achievement, then yes; but that is not Yoga, the Union, the complete Circle.

Limitations (forward folds) and Fear (back bends) are the materials the yogi works with, which have no ultimate end. The practice is an internal unfolding. It is about coming to one’s edge of mind-body and the spirit holding the two. Spiritual awareness simply witnessing limitation/achievement while staying present within expansive breath. ....Riding off the crest of the mountaintop to the awakening (11th house) awe experience (12th house). ...Pretty big stuff. Difficult to translate into words. That is why the symbols of astrology work so well, as does the Sanskrit language.

Those who ride beyond the castle continually make the leap into faith and know that place as Love. In Sanskrit this is Prem, or Ocean of Love.

Ultimately, Saturn can teach us the Realness of Love and that it is lasting.

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