Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Inner Altar

Yes, the Body is the Temple, yet the Temple has no actual lasting form. The Temple itself will never bring one Peace. The Temple's true Holiness lies at the Inner Altar. The real beauty of the Temple cannot be seen with the physical eye. For this we need to turn inwards. Spirtual sight can not see the structure at all; it can however, see the Inner Altar with perfect clarity.


  1. Is this a play on words? Inner alter or inner altar? Because if it's the former, it sounds like a rather clever pun - meaning to alter the inner self. Just wondering.

  2. OMG, nope, no play on words there, though I love it. Thanks for noticing and commenting.In going to go edit now.

  3. Okay great. Do you still like "melties", TK?
    - a long ago friend.