Saturday, January 29, 2011

Re-Seen through the Child

Many of us have forsaken the real pleasure and satisfaction in the pure beauty and vitality of movement.

Experiment 1: Childhood environment delivers the message that Mind and Body are Separate, (beyond what is an essential process in the child's psychological development) and the child will unnaturally separate The Mind and Body.

Experiment 2: Childhood culture conveys the message that the Body is in someways degraded, sinful, or inferior to the Mind, and the child will not only control and moderate the impulses, (another natural process in healthy development), but will also repress the Vital energy that is a Human Birthrite

Parenting often gives me the gift of seeing my own childhood conditioning (Saturn). Not always pleasant, infact my hottest buttons are always the deepest. Seven years into parenting and now I am starting to experience the gifts (Jupiter/perspective), with gratitude.

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